Active Directory - Lab Setup

Setting up DC

Preqrequisite :

Windows server 2019 :

Setting up DNS :

DNS is an important prerequisite of Active Directory. Without it, Active Directory will not function, or should we say, you can’t install or promote a server to a domain controller. Active Directory heavily relies on DNS.

  • So first we will open up our network adapter settings in control panel

  • Next will go to its properties and setup IPv4 with our DNS server address :

Thats all we have to do to setup DNS on our Windows Server 2019.

Changing Machine Name

  • Settings → System → About → Rename this PC

  • We named it vDC-01 :
v - Virtual
DC - Domain Controller
01 - First Domain Controller

Installing Active Directory

  • First we will go to Manage → Add Roles and Features

  • Now just follow the screenshots :

Promoting Server to Domain Controller

⇒ So when we startup Server Manager we see the following Alert saying that we need to configure some thing for AD Domain Services to promote it to a DC.

  • So first we will have to create a new forest with whatever root domain name you like.

  • Next we just set DSRM Password

  • We dont need to create DNS delegation.

  • Next we have the option to set our NETBIOS Name

  • Finally we finish and install

So now our Domain Controller is ready to be used. When it reboots we get the following login :

Adding Users

⇒ We will go to our windows start menu and go into Windows Administrative Tools and open up Active Directory Users and Computers

  • First we will be creating OU ( Organizational Unit ) for Groups and Users under IN ( India - Country ) OU.

  • Next we moved the groups from Users to the OU we created for Groups :

  • Next we will be creating a user in Users OU

  • We set samname as rkumar which is the username the person will use to login.

  • Next we set password : P@ssw0rd

Setting up Client


Windows 10 Enterprise :

Connecting our client to DC01

  • First lets open up network adapter properties and change the ipv4 settings to use DC01 dns address :

  • Next we will connect to the domain lexi.local :
    • First we open up System Properties

    • Next we will set the Domain to lexi.local

  • Next we just restart our client and we can login as user rkumar ( raj kumar ) on this machine

⇒ Going back to our DC01 and opening up Active Directory Users and Computers settings and we see that our CLIENT01 machine was sucessfully connected to domain.

⇒ The lab is now ready and you can practise any attacks you want.